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“I’m new to working out, is this program for me?”

Absolutely. This course guides you every step of the way through the diet and exercise routines. Whether you’re an experienced lifter, or just getting started, the narrated workouts and comprehensive lessons guarantee success for all skill levels. While this course is challenging, it’s your determination that will be tested the most. 

“How is Six Week Shred different than other fitness programs?

Six Week Shred is an entirely self-funded program, receiving no compensation from sponsors or other interests. You won’t find talking points from a supplement company, or up-sells on a miracle pill. Moreover, Six Week Shred is more than a workout routine. Many programs available, while they may provide a workout plan, offer little more than that – other than bold claims and false promises. The results from Six Week Shred are just as achievable as they are impressive. That’s why Six Week Shred also requires an active gym membership. Although exercising at home is convenient, it’s nearly impossible to earn similar results, as bodyweight exercises fail to address a key component of fat loss and muscle growth – progressive overload. Lastly, Six Week Shred includes hours of detailed lessons, fully-narrated exercises, and day-by-day routines. You’ll finish the course with not just a killer body, but an extensive comprehension of diet and exercise science.

“I’m a girl, will this program make me look weird and bulky?”

Definitely not. Despite popular belief, it’s actually extremely difficult for women to develop the larger, bulky upper-body muscles prominent in men. The reason for this is genetic make-up. The testosterone occurring naturally in men, responsible for the growth of these muscles, simply isn’t found in women. So, if you’ve seen some female bodybuilders with physiques that seem off-putting, there’s a good chance they’re ingesting some form of steroids. But, top female models almost always work their full body, including the ones I train. Training our full-body actually maximizes fat loss, so we don’t want to leave any body parts out. 

“I follow a vegan diet, is that allowed with Six Week Shred?”

Heck, yes! It’s people like you that keep the world a better place. Vegan diets protect both animals, and the environment in which we live. While traditional diets can be a bit more convenient in hitting some of our nutritional goals during this program, following a vegan regimen is more than possible. Simply, in the early chapters when we discuss our nutritional goals, you’ll replace any meat or dairy suggestions with a vegan alternative of your choice.

“What are the requirements for this course?”

The only two requirements of Six Week Shred are an active gym membership and the will to change your life. Any chain or local gym equipped with standard equipment is fine. If some exercises use equipment not found in your gym, alternatives will be provided.

“Do I need to spend money on supplements during this program?

That’s a big no. While some supplements have their place in the world, they are supplementary. In other words, they simply aren’t needed. We dive into some popular supplements during this course, but it’s once again reiterated that you’ll never be required to invest in anything other than a gym membership.

“I see you’ve trained social media stars and celebrities, who’s been your favorite to train?”

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to train some people that make their mark on the online world, but they are humans nonetheless. That being said, it’s always exciting to watch someone achieve greater results than they believed they could. Bradlee comes to mind, a singer whom I’ve helped transform his previously-skinny physique into an impressively built, yet lean, body.